Bat/Snate corking injures two, one severely

March 2, 2009

A wild shoot-out between a Snate and Palubat, both armed with corks, resulted in injuries to both parties Monday evening in what Department of Public Safety officials are calling a brazen and uncommon incident of violence.

According to a DPS constable on scene who requested anonymity, the shootings occurred shortly after seven p.m., when a Snatebot heading towards Doorway was stopped by a Palubat. The Bat then allegedly became irate, firing one cork at the Snate, hitting him in the chest.

The Snate then fired back twice, hitting the Bat in the shoulder and head. Fleeing to the Bat Cave area, the Snate gave chase, eventually shooting once more before fleeing towards South Hallway.

Initial reports also indicate the Snate made smash-like gestures before fleeing.

The incident caps an already violent three-day period where a Jarf was corked nine times in the same area and on a relatively quiet Sunday evening cork firings were reported to police. Officials are tense in anticipation of an official visit by MAYES later this week. The extremist Jraf sect has pledged violence to disrupt the visit.

Also troubling to officials is the nature of this latest attack. “This area’s a mess nowdays. But usually it’s those Jarves causing trouble,” said the constable on scene. “Snates and Bats… We don’t often see that.”


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