Police investigate South Hallway corking

March 2, 2009

Police are investigating an early morning corking in South Hallway as tensions mount between ethnic groups and Department of Public Safety officials continue to worry on the verge of an historic state visit by MAYES.

The victim, a male Jarf, told officers he was leaving Bathroom after a night of drinking. Immediately upon entering Hallway he was assailed and hit by nine corks. The suspect then fled in the direction of Bat Cave.

After the attack, the victim stumbled to Doorframe, where he was assisted by a local resident. As of this morning, spent corks could still be found on the floor surrounding the area.

The suspect is described as a male Palubat in his late 20s.

In unrelated earlier incidents, Palubats were grazed by caps in the Hallway area. The first incident, around two in the morning, occurred as a Bat walked from the brightly lit Den area. According to DPS reports, the victim was accosted by an intoxicated Jarf who then launched one cap at him, striking him slightly in the chin.

In the second incident, the intoxicated victim reported similar circumstances, being grazed in the back of the head once by a launched metal cap. Both victims are recovering in Bat Cave. DPS officials are unsure if the same suspect was responsible for both crimes.

Forsaken House News does not publish the names of crime victims.

Both incidents highlight a growing crime problem in the poorly lit Hallway section. Weekend occurrences of violence have increased 300% in the past week, troubling security officials preparing for the MAYES visit. The dignitary arrives on Saturday evening.


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