DPS LiveWire

March 4, 2009

9:56 AM: CORK FIRED – S Hallway nr. Bathroom – Unk. injuries

9:56 AM: ASSAULT – Bat Cave – Unk. injuries

9:57 AM: DISTURBANCE – N Hallway nr. Den E area – Caller states M Jrf 6’5″ walking around half naked, sus. wearing colorful towel last seen heading towards Bathroom


2 Responses to “DPS LiveWire”

  1. anonymous Says:

    when will the DPS do something about these jarves running around like they own the place?? i live in bat cave south and this morning i heard the assault listed here. but i DID not hear a cork firing and trust me i know the sound when it happens. these jarves come up in here and cause trouble and when we defende our area they say we are violent and shit i hope the MAYES visit doens’t let these jarves do crazy stuff and the DPS better round them all up ahead of time!!!

  2. anonymous Says:

    bats are evil, man. i saw a tab earlier and he threw a cork at a jarf. i hope the jraves really get this attack plan off the ground ’cause NO MORE BATS.

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