Tensions mount as Jarves restrict access

March 4, 2009

Sign posted at the entryway to Jarf Den Wednesday morning. (FHPA)

Sign posted at the entryway to Jarf Den Wednesday morning. (FHPA)

The fragile peace in Forsaken House suffered a catastrophic blow Wednesday morning as Jarves, upset over allegations of Palubat-inflicted assault and police harrassment, officially restricted access to the Jarf Den area.

Around 10:15 a.m., signs were posted in the North Den area reading “No Bats Allowed”. Accompanying the written warning was a crude caricature of a Palubat.

The Jarf leader Jarf Lauginhindlinghausen told a group gathered nearby that the breaking point which resulted in the decision was an alleged assault by a Bat in the Hallway section hours earlier. He also alleged that a DPS officer had entered Jarf Den some minutes later, destroying property and harrassing locals.

It is unknown if Jraves had any part in the decision to restrict Palubats.

Jarf Den had been closed to Palubats during the violent period of Sharkey occupation in 2008, but after several months of calm these restrictions had been lifted.

Reached by phone, a Palubat leader speaking on condition of anonymity said, “This is the ultimate slap in the face not only to Bats but to all citizens of Forsaken House. MAYES willing, we will reach some sort of solution in the coming days.”

In the alleged incident early Wednesday morning, a Jarf reported being fired upon as he walked through the Hallway area. He identified his attacker as a Palubat in his late 20s. DPS investigated but found no evidence to support the complaint.

Violence has plagued Forsaken House in recent days. DPS reports daily complaints of corks and caps being fired. Snates, usually distanced from the ongoing sectarian violence, have recently become involved after the corking of a Snatebot in Hallway Monday evening.

DPS officials have noted publicly that they are considering implementing checkpoints in the Hallway and Den areas during the MAYES visit this weekend.


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