NEWSBRIEF: MAYES Peace Accord Being Held Up, According to Source Close to Bats and Jarves

March 11, 2009

A source close to both sides of the Forsaken House Civil War said despite an obvious Bat allegiance from dignitary MAYES, his presence has had an overall positive effect.

“Having seen the way they interact now as compared to then, it’s a totally different process.  It’s like night and day.”  The source chose to stay anonymous, but also said s/he had ties to the Snate community and that they were “pleased with the political process since MAYES’ visit as well.”  When asked what s/he thought about the coming months, s/he said “it’s obvious that the threat of violence still lingers, but now the hope for peace is much higher.”

Cease-fire talks are still ongoing while Forsaken House DPS has reported no incidents since “Bloody Friday” erupted in several corkings.


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