As of late this morning, a known Jraf leader, under the cloak of anonymity, gave an interview to a reporter for FHN.  Here is the unexpurgated, albeit brief, interview.

FHN: Thanks for giving us an interview today.  We hope to shed some light on your organization, which is under massive scrutiny worldwide.

Jraf Leader: Of course.

FHN: First of all, the ideals you press forward are seemingly anti-bat to a ludicrous degree in the eyes of the public sphere.  Why the harsh criticism of the bats and to what ideology does this actually speak?

JL: Well, to understand the Jarf population is to  inherently understand Forsaken House.  The idea that anyone can be anti-bat is ludicrous in and of itself.  We do not condone the violence incurred to Jarves by the hand of a small population of the Bat community and their leaders, who let this happen repeatedly, should be held accountable.

As to the ideology, it is a simple one: Hold accountable those that are wrong and provide justice for the Jarf.  Attacks are commonly started by bats.  Look at the DPS livewire, the violence seldom spreads past Hallway near the Bat Cave.  There is a constancy to corks being fired from Bat Cave, and complete denial in the case of the bats.  It’s uncommon that any violence actually happens outside of said area.  When we decided to begin the vigilante quest of the Jraf, it was in the wake of Proposition 27.  When 27 was defeated, we had all intentions of disbanding.  But the corks began to fly and the beards were threatened burned.  So, we’ve stayed armed.

FHN: Why, then, the violent approach?  Some of the greatest leaders in history were non-violent.

JL: Well, the Bats did not respond to passive-aggression.  The signs of peace and “separate-but-equal” signs* gave them recourse to believe that they had the upper-hand in this ongoing battle.  It gave them life.  We decided to take back our land and continue to struggle against tyranny and look what’s happened: violent outbursts by bats and bats alone.  Using Snates against Jarves, former inhabitants to scare Jarves, corks, idle threats.  The Jraf community has frightened them, yes, but has rarely been involved in any wrongdoing.  Violence, or the threat therein, is the only way to hold together the Jarf community, in a way.  We think the Jraves were not born to fight, but culled into battle, really.

FHN: I see. Do you hope for peace, personally and as a community?  Do you think it is possible, even for as short a time as a MAYES-invoked cease-fire?

JL: I think, if a disarmament agreement could be brokered, an era of peace could deafen even the fringes of our society.  The Jraves, the Tabs, even the Snates–post-chipwich–could be dissuaged from their mistrustful ways.  MAYES’ visit is a test of the Bats’ mettle– are they a peaceful creature?  Or violent?  The Jraves will not lift a finger to harm another living soul during MAYES’ visit unless a Jarf is harmed first.  Count on that.  As for the future, we can only hope that the corkings subside and the Snates and Jarves are left in peace.

FHN: Thanks to you, sir.  It was an honor.

JL: My pleasure.  Peace to all Jarves and do you hate me?

FHN: Do you hate me?

*- As of press time, a new ban has been imposed in Jarf territories against Bats.