Perspectives: Palubats

March 4, 2009

As part of an ongoing series to understand the sectarian violence that has plagued the community, Forsaken House News interviews various members of the community. These are their words:

Anonymous, Palubat, 27: “I live in Bat Cave South. It’s still a decent place. There are hard working Bats here. We have nice windows, lots of space. Bats belong here. There are Tabs now, I see them on my way to Hallway drinking Jraf juice. I don’t bother them, though, and they don’t bother me. The thing about it is, I grew up… I grew up alongside Jarves, Milesmen, Sharkeys, Snates… I don’t have any problems with any of them. But this younger generation… It’s easier to get a cork here than a book. And they don’t know any mixing with Jarves because they haven’t experienced that world yet. They have no respect for the police because the police stop them or accuse them of corkings they didn’t even do. I hate the corkings. I hate the sound of it. I know when someone gets corked in Hallway that it’s a matter of time before the DPS tears through here. But I won’t leave. This is my home.”