In an online interview, an “off-the-record” Bat claimed an attack was imminent during one of the Randyman concerts on either Saturday or Sunday.  No comments have been made from any parties– Jarves, Snates, Bats or otherwise– regarding the incident.  Randyman has neither responded nor called a press conference regarding the matter thus far.  MAYES is expected in attendance for the concert.

The conversation en total:

X: can u keep something on the down lowFHN: yayaX: i heard some tabs are gonna cork randyman up as hes on stageFHN: this is a bad thingX: they’ll do anything to prove their bravado
No official word from DPS on tightened security, though residents should expect tightened security measures for both the  MAYES and Randyman visits slated for this weekend.



March 6, 2009

As of 12:01 AM, Friday, March 6th: MAYES visit begins with celebratory Jarves and Bats… Discussions halt without progress on possible Jarf Den lockdown… First violence-free night passes in Hallway and Bat Cave in some time, Jarf leaders express “a still-urgent sense of worry in the relief”… Randyman “nervous and excited” to return to Forsaken House for his first performance in years… Bat leaders give no comment to map revealing violence near Caves, admission to Tab existence prevalent over last two days… MAYES silent regarding FH visit… Three tabs siezed in Den, Jarf prosecuted with light enveloping… Jarf claims innocence, understands punishment…More news as events warrant… stayed tuned to Forsaken House News for updates.

In an attempt to catalog the recent sectarian violence, Forsaken House News presents a visual representation of violent incidents in the past five days. Cork firings or domestic disturbances have not been included. Please note: map is not to scale.


March 5, 2009

As of Thursday, March 5th, 1:00 PM: DPS reports calm, no incidents overnight… Residents report strong police presence across FH… MAYES set to arrive in less than 48 hours, expect closures and diversions throughout Den, Stairwell, Doorway… “Potential weapon” seized last evening in N. Jarf Den… No word from Tab or Jraf leaders… more news as events warrant… stay tuned to Forsaken House News for updates.

Perspectives: Palubats

March 4, 2009

As part of an ongoing series to understand the sectarian violence that has plagued the community, Forsaken House News interviews various members of the community. These are their words:

Anonymous, Palubat, 27: “I live in Bat Cave South. It’s still a decent place. There are hard working Bats here. We have nice windows, lots of space. Bats belong here. There are Tabs now, I see them on my way to Hallway drinking Jraf juice. I don’t bother them, though, and they don’t bother me. The thing about it is, I grew up… I grew up alongside Jarves, Milesmen, Sharkeys, Snates… I don’t have any problems with any of them. But this younger generation… It’s easier to get a cork here than a book. And they don’t know any mixing with Jarves because they haven’t experienced that world yet. They have no respect for the police because the police stop them or accuse them of corkings they didn’t even do. I hate the corkings. I hate the sound of it. I know when someone gets corked in Hallway that it’s a matter of time before the DPS tears through here. But I won’t leave. This is my home.”

DPS LiveWire

March 4, 2009

7:48 PM: CORK FIRED – One cork fired – S. Hallway nr. Bathroom – Unk. injuries

7:56 PM: CORKS SEIZED – One cork seized in Bat Cave

8:18 PM: CAP SEIZED – One Cap seized in Jarf Den

ONGOING: Heightened surveillance to continue until MAYES dignitary visit


March 4, 2009

As of Wednesday, March 4th, 8:06 PM: Near-corking incident leaves Jarves in fear of “lockdown” status for Jarf Den… Jarf Lauginhindlinghausen (J) calls for “level-headed clear thinking” in calling for a lockdown… last Jarf lockdown was imposed after mutiple corkings that left one Jarf without vision in November of 2008… Lauginhindlinghausen lifts Bat ban on Jarf Den in hopes of making Bats feel welcome… Anti-Jarf graffiti “scourge of the city according to prominent Jraves… Bat breathing assist rates at an all-time low according to new study… Laughlintown Jarves thinking of signing on to play rival Astoria Sivitsbirds and Long Island City MilesMen in a much-anticipated basketball contests next season… Randyman won’t let violence, homosexuality rumors deter his sold-out performances… more news as events warrant… stay tuned to Forsaken House News for updates.